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Smile Infinity®, a High-end International Trademark, registered worldwide, leading dental and cosmetic clinics with the highest quality of management for more than 20 years, with a dedication to offer the best quality of beauty by making the patients comfort a priority.

The cosmetic trademark is a corporate gold member of the medical tourism association, which provides patients trust, and credibility in primary beauty care.

It became the official guide and reference to international travelers seeking medical and dental tourism abroad.

By setting ourselves apart with our techniques and procedures, we provide a warranty for safety, effectiveness, and trustworthiness.

A guarantee is to provide the finest personal services, starting from primary cosmetic guidance to medical & local tourism in the country. Partnering with the best hotels & resorts worldwide to offer a unique experience during our patient's medical vacation in all our operating countries.

Smile Infinity® recruits extremely qualified dental and cosmetic surgeons who are specialists, and leaders in their field, continually leveling to provide, maintain and master their skills in the latest medical technologies, guaranteeing the excellence and effectiveness of every procedure.

The quality management system is performed to follow the standards of the international organization for standardization, ISO9001:2015. The systems at Smile Infinity®'s affiliated clinics are followed to ensure cosmetic practices that comply with a strict operating protocol. Balancing between Quality assurance and improvement is essential in which all specialties and departments must comply with the national requirements on care and quality service.

Smile Infinity® focuses on patients' safety and security by following the standards promoted by the American Dental Association (ADA), and principles set by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) along with our technologies that are FDA approved







Smile Infinity® clinics provide high-tech dental, cosmetic, and laser surgery services. Maintaining customer satisfaction, wellbeing and comfort is our gold standard.


Dental Implants – One Day Implant

Having a missing tooth is not a problem anymore. Replacing your missing tooth in a very natural and esthetic way at smile infinity assisted by laser to provide all patients a reduced surgery duration and accelerated healing process.

It’s a surgery where the dentist adds an anchor into the jawbone. The patient waits 3 to 6 months until it’s healed and well fitted. After making sure about a healthy structure, the dentist places a permanent crown.

One Day Implant

The One Day Implant technique is done within 24 hours. This technique can treat specific patients with healthy conditions in the jawbone. If the requirements are in place, both the implant and the crown can be placed to enable the patient to regain the function of natural teeth and return to normal life more quickly.

Having one or more missing teeth iscomplicated to patients, and waiting 3-4 months for a traditional dental implant procedure is inconvenient. For that, Smile Infinity® affiliated clinics provide the one-day implant technology with 97% of success rate.

The One Day Implant® is completed within 24 hours by which both the implant and crown are placed and this enables patients to return to their normal life style more quickly and regain the function of natural teeth directly.

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Almost all patients are candidates to place porcelain veneers, especially if they are seeking a white and healthy smile. Usually, patients suffering from cracked, discolored, or chipped teeth consider this technique.

This treatment is done within 2 visits, and the patient chooses their preferable shape and shade along with the specialists advise.

Our Clinics provide 3 techniques for porcelain veneers, that promises a treatment done with No Pain, No Drilling, and No Anesthesia.

- Z2 Veneers
- Smile Infinity Veneers
- E-max Veneers

Smile Lift

Smile Lift® is a revolutionary technique; exclusively available at Smile Infinity® affiliated clinics. This technique is a combination of cosmetic dentistry (anti-aging dentistry), plastic surgery, and computerized- digital dentistry.

Smile Lift® works on improving both the chin and jaw size, correcting overbites, solving TMJ problems, enhancing facial profile, and widening your smile. Adding, Smile Lift® helps reduce many health symptoms including; neck and shoulders pain, insomnia, migraines, and tinnitus.

This treatment is non-invasive and done with-in 2 sessions and a range of 5-10 days; with no anesthesia, no pain, no teeth drilling and promises to take 10 years OFF your face!

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Because Your Dental Health Matters


Combine highly qualified doctors and specialists, in order to deliver the best possible results, with emphasis on aesthetic, reconstructive surgeries, cosmetic dentistry, smile rejuvenation, dermatology and nutrition using leading-edge technologies.





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